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Interior Treatment

Two Seaters Only $139
Hatch/Sedans $149
Dual Cab Utes/5 Seater SUV $159
7+ Seats $179
⭐️ Approx 1 hour ⭐️
From $139
  • Exterior Snow Foam
  • 1 Bucket Method Wash And Rinse
  • Full Vacuum
  • Interior Dusted And Wiped
  • Interior Doors And Jambs Cleaned And Wiped
  • Seats and Carpet Lightly Shampood
  • Antibacterial Spray
  • Interior Deodorised
  • Windows Wheels Tyres Cleaned And Dressed

The Ultimate Pre-Sale Detail

Two Seaters Only $699
Hatch/Sedan $739
Dual Cab Utes/5 Seater SUVs $779
7+ Seats $799
⭐️ Approx 5 hours ⭐️
From $699
  • Inclusions Of The Bee's Knees
  • Dash Steam Clean
  • Interior Doors
  • Leather Seats Cleaned/Treated
  • Material Seats/Carpet Shampood And Steamed
  • Roof Lining Steamed
  • Clay Bar Wash And Surface Decontamination
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Multi-stage Cut And Polish
  • Paint Correction Of Swirls
  • Windows Wheels Tyres Cleaned And Dressed
  • Interior and Exterior Trims Dressed

Maintenance Wash

Mini Detail​

Interior Deluxe

Full Detail (Popular)

The Bee's Knees

About Us

Enjoy The Best Quality Mobile And Studio Based Car Detailing Brisbane

We are a premium mobile car detailing business founded in 2020. Our aim is to provide a flawless service for our customers who take pride in thier vehicles. We offer mobile car detailing and ceramic coating.

Paint Protection and Car Detailing are a combined and separate craft of protecting, restoring and cleaning vehicles to like-new condition and an unsurpassable Diamond standard.


Get in touch with us today for a custom consultation. We are ready to provide you with a strategic plan for servicing your vehicle, and help you take care of your cherished possession and invaluable asset. 

❝ So professional! Super friendly and did such a good job on my car! Definitely recommend and will use them again. Very happy customer.. ❞ – Sarah Wrightson

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You Can Visit Us At Our Strathpine Studio In Brisbane

6 Lincoln Lane, Strathpine, Brisbane.

Mon-Wed 7:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Thu-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sat-Sun 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Frequently Asked

If you have booked our mobile service, yes. We will need access to two power points and a tap. Our staff have all their own equipment (hose and tap fittings etc).

We cover Brisbane Greater Region and Gold Coast. 

Approx 3-5 hours depending on the conditions and condition of your car.

No, we will need a garage if it is raining.

Yes, the Interior Deluxe is the best option for you with the wash add on or any service below that. Our soap is acid neutral and will not damage the ceramic coating.

6 Lincoln Lane, Strathpine, QLD, 4500

Yes, we offer discounts if you book multiple vehicles in at the same location. Please call Eugene on 1300-DETAIL and enquire. 

Yes, we offer discounts if you book multiple vehicles in at the same location. Please call Eugene on 1300-DETAIL and enquire. 

We take Eftpos, direct transfer, or cash on site.

Yes we can service vehicle fleets up to 10 cars per day.

Yes we can service vehicle fleets up to 10 cars per day.



At our shop, we provide a comprehensive range of vehicle protection services for your ride. Protecting your car is essential to help maintain your car’s value and continue to enjoy it for years. Our services include ceramic coating, window tinting and Paint Protection Film which can guard against harsh everyday elements such as dirt, acid rain, rocks, bird droppings and more that can damage the exterior of any car.

Additionally, with FINANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLE we aim to offer a VARIETY OF SERVICES that makes all forms of protection accessible so you can enjoy greater peace of mind. Call us or send us an enquiry today to find out how we can help protect your vehicle!


We  provide window tinting with multiple shades available along with PPF making sure full protection and helps to keep your vehicle cool while protecting against fading and cracking.

Window tinting has become increasingly popular over the last few years and for drivers of cars, window tinting can be a great way to improve comfort levels year-round. Tinting cars with window films offers many advantages such as protecting against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, helping to conserve energy and reducing sun glare. For those looking to get window tinting done in a sedan, there is a range of prices depending on your needs. Entry-level window film allows for around 36% heat rejection and starts at $330. To offer mid-level 54% heat rejection window films start at $450, while top-performance films starting at $700. If you’d like to book window tinting services today or have any questions, feel free to enquire here and we’ll be happy to help.


When it comes to protecting your car’s finish from scratches, stone chips, and fading, paint protection film is the way to go. Self healing properties of the film mean that swirls marks from wear and tear and repeated washing of the vehicle, the film will repair itself for a virtually unnoticeable scratch-free surface every time. Not only that but paint protection film is also stone chip proof so you can rest assured knowing that any rock slips or falls won’t leave a mark on your vehicles finish. The weather resistant and hydrophobic paint protection films provides invincible paint protection allowing you to keep your vehicle in perfect condition no matter what conditions it is subject to – even the most extreme ones! Best part? PPF hides paint imperfections, so don’t worry if your car isn’t perfect. It’s a great option of new car and used car owners.

Paint protection

Warranty Options

GTEHCNIQ’s Crystal Serum Light and Ultra Ceramic Coating, Premier Film Distribution (PFD), are widely regarded as the best in automotive science. Their advanced formula gives you superior protection against the elements, making your car shine like never before. With warranty for Crystal Serum Light at 5 years, warranty for Ultra Ceramic Coating at 9 years and warranty from Premier Film Distribution (PFD) at 15 years, you can trust that your product is covered.

 Not only will you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is covered; you will also have the confidence that any issue you encounter along the way will be addressed.

GTEHCNIQ's Crystal Serum Light Ceramic Coating
0 Years
GTECHNIQ'S Crystal Serum Ulta Ceramic Coating
0 Years
PFD Paint Protection Film
0 Years

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